EUROSLA - the European Second Language Association







EUROSLA is a society for people with a research interest in Second Language Acquisition.


We run an annual conference for our members, and a number of specialised seminar meetings. Some of this work is published in our annual publication. Use the links to the left of this page to find out more about what EUROSLA can do for you.


EUROSLA has grown from small beginnings to become a large international group of scholars. We welcome new members whatever your nationality, your geographical location or your theoretical and methodological preferences. Our conferences take place in Europe, but the EUROSLA network extends throughout the world.


The webiste is intented to be a first point of call for people with research interests in second language acquisition. It will provide you with informatio about EUROSLA's current conference programme. We hope that you will find in EUROSLA a place where research is an exciting and rewarding endeavour.