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Issue 9, 2012

Editor Christina Lindqvist

AILE - LIA online

by Monique Lambert





I am happy to inform Eurosla members that the 27 volumes of the journal AILE and the two transition volumes AILE (Acquisition et Interaction en Langue Étrangère) /LIA (Language, Interaction and Acquisition) are now on line in free access at


Founded in 1992 the ambition of the French journal was to publish research at the forefront of current debates concerning second language acquisition. In this respect Eurosla meetings were an excellent opportunity to discover novel facets of acquisition studies and invite guest editors and authors to present their latest developments. I have cooperated with Clive Perdue, AILE’s Director in this fascinating adventure. After he passed away I was no longer motivated to pursue but still did not want all this work to fall into oblivion. Looking over all the volumes and articles before their publication on line, I have fully realised the journal’s contribution to the field in opening innovative paths for investigation.


The story is not over: AILE has for descendant the bilingual English-French journal LIA, published by John Benjamins and open to independent articles and guest editors at

I am most grateful to all my colleagues, among them so many Eurosla members (as you can see on the list of authors) who have contributed to the journal. So come and visit what you wrote (and others too). You’ll see how relevant it is still at this day.



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