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Issue 9, 2012

Editor Christina Lindqvist

Impressions of Eurosla 22

by Laura Sánchez





One of the greatest advantages of celebrating our yearly conference is, without any doubt, to do it with the penultimate sparkle of the summer months while almost welcoming the autumn. This was my sense of the 22nd EuroSla Conference in Poznan, a city you can feel, see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, and a joyful experience for the heart and the soul. This city is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.


I remember my arrival at the train station on a drizzling Tuesday evening, surrounded by the heady smell of wet fallen leaves and their rustle when being touched by the air. The gardens and cobbled paving are a gift for the senses… while a long walk through Poznan narrow alleys seems to take us back to an older time…


But Poznan is not only a reflection of its picturesque street views, its colourful buildings, its churches, or its people. It is also the melody of the musicians who offered us a wonderful concert, and the delicious cuisine that followed it. Is there any better way to end a day full of ideas exchanged and encounters with our colleagues? The pork tenderloin roulade and the typical honey or ale beers are a must for those with a discerning palate. Indeed, just the visit to the Stare Rynek and the dinner at the Brovaria Restaurant are worth the trip. 


Beyond being a joyful experience for the casual visitor, it is also an inspiring environment for students and for the attendees of the conference. I am glad I had the possibility to be there! We all shall be grateful that we have, year after year, the unrivalled opportunity to gather together in a lovely place of the world.


I would like to highlight the effort put and excellent job done by the local organizers in keeping up the level of the conference. For a start, the new built Collegium Iuridicum was a perfect choice, and a comfortable location for reflection and debate. The plenaries were thought-provoking and enjoyable for an audience from a variety of backgrounds. Not to forget are the outstanding thematic panels and sessions, with first rate papers that gave us food for thought. By the end of the conference, my notebook was filled with content and mental stimuli!


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