Eurosla 20


     20th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association







The final version of the programme can be found here.




Instructions for paper presenters


If you need to distribute handouts, please bear in mind that there will be about 250 participants at the conference. With 6 parallel sessions, this means that you may expect an average of 40-45 people at your talk. We cannot photocopy your handouts, so it is advisable to bring a sufficient number of copies with you. There are also two copy shops in the area. 


Instructions for poster presenters


Page format: posters should preferably have a vertical layout.

Page size: width should not exceed 100cm; height should not exceed 130cm.

Fixing to the wall: drawing pins and adhesive tape cannot be used; you will be given appropriate hangers and/or adhesive pads at the conference site.


Your poster is scheduled for one of the two poster sessions, which means that in that time slot you are expected to be there to discuss it with other delegates. However, you may exhibit and discuss your poster on the other session as well, if you like.




Call for papers


Plenary speakers


Doctoral workshop


LL roundtable








Conference venue


Getting there